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Maple Grove History

Maple Grove's history goes back to the early 1840's as German immigrants moved into this isolated, rural and wooded area of Southern Indiana.  Soon some of the newcomers had a yearning for spiritual strength and leadership.  Missionaries also found the people of the area ripe for conversion to faith.  A fuller history reveals that a German Evangelical Pastor came into the Maple Grove community and began winning souls for Christ . . . first in private homes.  Two Gerhard's emerged as lay leaders of the community: Gerhard Niehaus and Gerhard Koch in 1843 purchased 40 acres upon which to build a religious center for the community.













Memories & Quotes

It is impossible to give the full history of this hallowed spot. Its best story is told by the beautiful lives of the men and women who go there from year to year and get inspirations to live the better, purer, higher and nobler life. It makes good citizens and radiates hope and love and joy to the homes of those who devoutly worship and linger there. May its benign influence never cease and may its value to this community grow as time goes by.” … presented by H.W.A. Hemmer, June 10,1924 at the Southwestern Indiana Historical Society. 

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